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Ultra Violet Mini Pancakes Cereals Bowl

Adding colors to food can greatly improve your mood and if there ever was a way to enjoy pancakes, this is it! These light and fluffy mini gorgeous purple pancakes cereals are super easy to whip them up in less than 5 minutes. Crispy on the outside, soft in the center, they are not only pretty to look at, they're really delicious too! Whatever toppings you choose, you can't go wrong and will bring joy to start any day! These striking purple pancakes will no doubt give you the much needed morning boost! 


Regular Pancakes Cereal:
85g all purpose flour
5g cornstarch
4g baking powder
15g sugar or sweetener of choice
10g melted plant butter/butter at room temp
1/4 tsp vanilla bean paste
125 ml (1/2 cup) almond milk or other milk of choice

Suncore Foods® Ultra Violet Pancake Cereal:
90g Suncore Foods® Ultra Violet Pancake & Waffle Powder Mix
125 ml (1/2 cup) plant milk or water
15g sugar or sweetener of choice
10g melted plant butter/butter at room temp
1/4 tsp vanilla bean paste


1. Preheat a non stick frying pan over medium-high.

2. In a large bowl, sift flour, baking powder, sugar, corn starch and salt together.
In another medium bowl, add plant milk, vanilla bean paste and melted butter. Stir to combine.

3. Pour wet ingredients over the flour mixture and whisk until just combined. Don't over mix.

4. Combine the ingredients for the purple pancakes and let rest for 5 min.

5. Place the batter into a piping bag or squeezable bottle.

6. Reduce heat of the pan to medium.

7. Starting from the outer part of the pan, gently squeeze out mini pancakes (about 1/2 tsp) onto the pan and move towards the center (this will prevent the first pancakes burning, since the inner part is usually the warmest).

8. After one minute or less, flip the pancakes in the same order you squeezed them. If you're familiar with chopsticks, I recommend using them to help flipping the pancakes.