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Zen Midori Pancake & Waffle Powder Mix - Matcha

Pancake & Waffle Mixes | In stock

Start your morning off with a dash of delicious fun with Suncore Foods® Zen Midori Matcha Pancake & Waffle Powder Mix. A sweet twist on a classic that sings with color. Light and fluffy. Simply delicious in each bite. A breakfast fit for a crowd of all ages to enjoy and discover their heavenly matcha-made zen. Perfect for breakfast, brunch, a quick snack, and more. Go ahead and make breakfast goodies any day, any time by whipping up delicious matcha pancakes or waffles in the comfort of your own home. Bring on the lush jade color and celebrate fun coloring to your creations. 

TO USE: Crêpes, Pancakes, and Waffles

INGREDIENTS: Unbleached All-Purpose Flour, Date Sugar, Baking Powder, Matcha Powder, Rose Salt


NET WEIGHT: 20 oz.



For residents of the state of California, please see Prop 65 warning.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Just excellent quality not too sweet

Delicious healthy

Good Ingredients, Good Flavor

I try my best to only buy foods that have few ingredients, and it’s hard to find pancake mixes that meet this criteria. With just 5 ingredients that are all recognizable to almost anyone, this pancake mix is great! The green pancakes on the front of the package made me think at first that these pancakes had artificial food coloring in them, but it is from natural matcha tea that has health benefits. My family enjoys trying different natural foods, as long as the flavor isn’t too “fishy” or “grassy” tasting - these pancakes have neither of these flavors. The matcha is interesting, but easily covered by adding a little pure maple syrup to the pancakes after they are cooked, and all is well! One of my family members tries to minimize dairy and eggs, so it’s nice to have a mix where neither is needed. If you like some fun in your food, want to sneak in some matcha, and not be overloaded with sugar, this is a great mix to have on hand - we all love these pancakes!

The Hochron

Delicious pancakes! Even my 7 month old liked them. I would suggest honey instead of maple syrup for topping.

Green pancakes

I thought this green mix would be a lot of fun! For some reason I expected the green color to last but the finished product is not as bright as the The batter is easy to mix, add water and that's it.
My kids were super excited about these but at the end were not keen on them, I enjoyed them just as I would any other pancake. Kids said there was a weird aftertaste - may be too much baking soda?
One thing that I like is that these are completely plant based aka vegan, no egg or dairy in them....but we make killer whole wheat pancakes from scratch, so this is really just for occasional fun.

Tastes like matcha!

When I first checked out these pancakes, they were $34, so I'm glad to see that the price has dropped to $24, which is a bit more reasonable. Had the price not dropped, this would be a 3 star review.
This mix makes creepy green but fluffy pancakes, and they definitely have a matcha taste to them which is pleasant if you like matcha. A bit like dirt if you aren't familiar with it (as per one of the kids). This is the preferred flavor of the pancakes that we tried out from Suncore.
The instructions make a lot of pancakes, so you might need to adjust them based on quantity. Additionally, if you want thinner pancakes, add more liquid, or an egg for more calories and protein.
I was hoping the label would've expanded on the total amount of matcha that would be consumed, plus additional info about its benefits, since it's a superfood type of product, and a chunk more $$ than standard pancakes.
I would love to see a gluten-free version since there are individuals with Celiac in our family.
I love that this is supporting a women-owned business!

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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