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Purple Sweet Potato Dipped Chocolate Butter Cookies

Some of the prettiest cookies that we've ever seen, these Purple Sweet Potato Dipped Chocolate Butter Cookies are an amazing dessert for any bridal shower or elegant afternoon tea party. With just a start tip, a delicate little dip in some beautiful, purple white chocolate, and a sprinkling of some edible flowers, these cookies could grace the cover of "Fancy Cookie Magazine!"  This simple butter cookie is easily elevated with some extra care in the piping and elegant color from Suncore Foods® Purple Sweet Potato Powder and Forget Me Not Flowers. It's cookie o'clock somewhere, so let's get these uber crumbly and buttery cookies in and out of the oven in under 30 minutes!


100g dairy free softened butter
35g powdered sugar
120g cookie flour
15g cornstarch
50g coconut cream
2 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp pink salt

200g dairy free white chocolate
1-2 tsp Suncore Foods® Purple Sweet Potato Powder for color
Suncore Foods® Forget Me Not Flowers for garnish


1. In a stand mixer add soften butter and powdered sugar, whisk until pale and fluffy, about for 1-2 mins. Add in coconut cream, vanilla and continue whisking 1 min. Add in flour, cornstarch. Beat on low until just combined.

2. Fill dough into the piping bag and pipe a swirl or line on the prepared baking sheet. Transfer piped cookies to the freezer and let chill for 30 mins.

3. Bake chilled cookies in 170c Preheated oven for 15-18 mins. Allow cookies to cool completely.

4. Combine melt chocolate, Suncore Foods® Purple Sweet Potato Powder and mix well. Dip cookies into the melted chocolate. Place in fridge to set.