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Pink Pitaya Jelly Cheesecake

Sometimes we all need to nibble on a little something sweet and this Pink Pitaya Dragon Fruit Jelly Cheesecake made with our Suncore Foods® Pink Pitaya Powder is a perfect option for dessert and packed with simple, delicious  . An additional delicious bonus, no oven required! So easy to make and sooo delectable. What we love about these no-bake cheesecakes is that you can play around with various flavors, textures, and colors. Check out our rainbow selections of our Suncore Foods® Powder at for some ideas.


2 pitted dates
½ cup raw walnuts
½ cup almond flour
2 tbsp coconut oil
¼ tsp salt

Pink Pitaya Mousse:
¾ cup cashews, soaked in water overnight
¾ cup coconut cream
3 tbsp maple syrup
2 tbsp Suncore Foods® Pink Pitaya Powder
1/2 tsp agar powder

Pink Pitaya Jelly:
1 tsp agar powder
1 cup water
3 tbsp maple syrup
5 tbsp Suncore Foods® Pink Pitaya Powder


1. Crust – Blend all the ingredients in a food processor until it becomes doughy. Assemble the crust into the bottom of a greased pan.

2, Mousse – Blend everything except the agar powder and ½ of the coconut cream in a high-powered blender till you get a smooth mixture. Boil the agar- powder with the remaining coconut cream in a small saucepan. Blend agar mixture with the other ingredients until it reaches that creamy consistency. Pour the mousse on top of the crust. Pop it into the fridge to set. (30 mins)

3. Jelly — In a small saucepan mix agar powder with water. Then bring it to a simmer. Add the remaining ingredients after you remove the saucepan from the heat. Stir well. Once the mousse is set, you should pour the jelly onto the cake. Place it back in the fridge to set. (30 mins)