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Butterfly Pea Sourdough

We love sourdough especially when the smell of freshly baked loaf perfuming immensely every corner of our home and when something spectacular, almost like casting a spell and magically creating stunning cosmic-like marbled effect is such a mood enhancer. This Butterfly Pea Sourdough is a play on the vivid colors of both from Suncore Foods® — (Blue Butterfly Pea Powder & Butterfly Pea Flowers) to form a vibrant purple and blue bread. The only thing left to do is finding the things that complement the bread and celebrate it. 


Blue Dough:
10g Suncore Foods® Butterfly Pea Flowers
1 tsp Suncore Foods® Blue Butterfly Pea Powder
130g bread flour (feel free to incorporate 20% whole wheat or any other flours for additional flavor)
100g blue water (cooled) (steep 10g Suncore Foods® Butterfly Pea Flowers in 150g boiled water for 15 mins, strain, and let cool. Add 1 tsp Suncore Foods® Blue Butterfly Pea Powder for more intense color or adjust to your preference)
26g sourdough starter
3g salt
Rice flour (for dusting)

White Dough:
170g bread flour (Feel free to incorporate 20% whole wheat or any other flours for additional flavor)
150g water
34g sourdough starter
4g salt




1. Morning — Feed your starter 1:2:2 starter-flour-water ratio. For example - 30g starter, 60g flour, & 60g water. Cover and let rise until it has doubled or tripled in volume.

2. Two Hours Later — Combine flour and water. Mix well until water has absorbed all visible dry flour. This is your autolyse. Cover, let rest, and wait for starter to reach its peak. *Use steeped blue water/powder for split/full blue dough

3. Peak — Add peaked starter to autolyse using damp hands and mix together for 5 minutes, making sure starter is evenly distributed. Cover and let rest 30 minutes.

4. 30 Minutes Later — Sprinkle in salt using wet hands, and mix well for about 5 minutes. Cover and let rest for 30 minutes.

5. Lightly mist your work space. Keep a bowl of water close by to dampen your hands as necessary. Transfer your dough onto the counter and gently stretch the dough evenly into a rectangle, pulling from the center. Lift up the left edge and fold inward 1/3 to center. Fold the right edge inward to meet the left side, similar to a billfold. Fold the top edge down 1/3 to center, and do the same with the bottom edge to meet the top of the dough. It should now look like a folded square. Transfer gently into a clean square container, using a dough scraper if needed. Cover and let rest for 45 minutes. *For speckled effect, sprinkle 1 tsp Blue Butterfly Pea Powder onto stretched rectangle dough before folding. *For split dough, once both doughs are stretched into rectangles, place blue dough gently on top of white dough. Then proceed to fold the same as above

6. 45 Minutes & Coil Folds — Using wet hands, lift dough up from the middle by scooping with four fingers below the dough. Allow the dough to release from the bowl and coil onto itself. Turn the bowl and coil fold the opposite side. Continue until all four sides have been folded. Cover and let rest. Complete 3 complete coil folds with 45 mins rest in between.

7. 3 Coil Folds Later — Prepare your banneton/boule by generously dusting with rice flour. Lightly flour the counter and the top of your dough. Transfer it onto the counter, shape as desired, and place in banneton/boule. Cover and let rest at room temperature for 20 minutes. Refrigerate for 12-16 hours.

8 Next Day — Preheat oven with Dutch oven inside for 30-45 mins at 500°F (260°C). Take refrigerated dough and invert it onto parchment paper. Dust with rice flour and score as desired. Place dough along with parchment paper into the Dutch oven, cover with lid, and bake for 15 minutes. Remove cover, reduce oven temperature to 450°F (230°C), and bake for 20 more minutes or until doneness desired. Place bread onto wire rack and let cool completely for 1-2 hours. Slice and ENJOY!!