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Jackfruit Chips

Chips & Snacks | In stock

Jackfruit is said to be one of the wonders of the East for its unique qualities. Legend has it that its versatile flavor and massive size have earned the fruit its majestic title. This tropical fruit has won the hearts of many Southeast Asia and African countries as a delicious and satisfying miracle food. Experience the fruit of wonders with Suncore Foods® Jackfruit Chips. Enjoy them as a fun treat or as the perfect topping to your favorite oatmeal, yogurt, and baked goods!

INGREDIENTS: Dried Jackfruit Chips

NET WEIGHT: 5.32 oz. & 5.5 lbs.



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Customer Reviews

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A Delicious And Guilt Free Anytime Snack

Suncore Foods Supersnack- Jackfruit chips are a fun and tasty way to enjoy the sweet flavor of jackfruit. The 5.32 oz resealable bag holds the pieces safely and securely. The chips are freeze dried jackfruit pieces so every piece is incredibly crisp without a soggy or limp piece in the bag. The fruit is sweet and the chips are have a very crisp crunch to them. They have a sweet smell to them as well. This is a fun and healthy treat to enjoy anytime without the guilt. Please be careful if either a young child or an elderly person wants to try these snacks as there are pieces included that are significantly hard and may hurt their teeth in attempting to bite through. There are 6 servings in a bag. There are 95 calories in each serving. The sole ingredient is jackfruit. The manufacturer notes that these chips have No Sugar Added, Non GMO, No Additives or Preservatives and are Gluten Free. I really loved these jackfruit chips and definitely plan on buying again soon.

These are delicious!

I'm going to be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of jackfruit; I do like it, but I don't go out of my way to get it, as it's not the most common types of fruit at your regular grocery store. That said, I love these chips and would definitely seek them out!

I was expecting a smaller bag, to be honest, like a palm sized one, just because of the type of fruit this is and how uncommon, but I was pleasantly surprised that the bag was a decent size, though filled to about as much as you might expect.

They're not just dried, but freeze dried, so they have the light, crispy texture rather than the dense, chewy texture of a regular dried fruit, yet the flavor isn't diminished at all. I crushed up a bit of these chips and put them on top of some ice cream, and it was pleasantly tastey!

Joe P.
Crunchy freeze dried Jackfruit chips. Lots of Jackfruit flavor.

These freeze dried jackfruit chips are quite good flavored. They have great flavor without extra sugar added. They are freeze dried and they don't have that super powdery consistency when you bite into them like some freeze dried fruits get. These are firmer, denser, and more substantial than other freeze dried fruits I've eaten, however it could just be because Jackfruit is a very dense fruit to begin with so doesn't get as light and airy when done. As with freeze drying most fruits, their natural sweetness is condensed but they don't taste overly sweet. That being said I don't think the jackfruit flavor is any stronger. They do get a bit gummy and sticky as they absorb moisture while you chew them.

If you are a fan of Jackfruit these will likely be a hit with you. If you aren't a fan or just haven't tried it before this is a nice treat and a good way to try it out without having to invest in a big 30+ lb jackfruit and then have to fight through cutting up the fruit and separating them pods from the more fibrous parts from the seeds. Then finding a way to get the thick sticky sap off your hands. That really is a major process and this is such a better method of trying it out.

Rachel G.
Great snack!

These are delicious. It’s an expensive snack, but well worth it!

Sarous Chan

Chips were awesome

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Customer Reviews

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