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Tropical Passion Fruit Pineapple Mocktail

Be a pineapple: stand tall, wear a crown, be sweet on the inside! Our fun, refreshing summertime passionfruit pineapple mocktail will make you shake it up! Just a little sour, tangy, and definitely sweet, this mocktail will transport you to an island getaway. To make this incredibly fun sunny drink, Suncore Foods® Sparkly Amber Passion Fruit Supercolor Flakes and Marigold Passion Fruit Supercolor Powder & Seeds was incorporated. Life is better with an icy cold drink in your hand. Transform your day with this tasty glass of deliciousness. Drink happy thoughts!


Serves 2-3 Pax:
1 cup fresh pineapple (cut into cubes)
1/4 cup ice cold water
2 tbsp Suncore Foods® Sparkly Amber Passion Fruit Supercolor Flakes
3 tbsp Suncore Foods® Marigold Passion Fruit Supercolor Powder & Seeds
Juice of half a lime
8-10 mint leaves
1 can tonic water
100 ml white rum (optional)
Crushed ice

To garnish:
Lime slices
Fresh mint leaves


1. Blend chopped pineapple, water, and passion fruit powder & flakes in a small blender until very smooth. Strain the mixture.

2. To Assemble — Divide portion equally to 3. Add lime juice, mint leaves (gently smudge them). Add passion fruit and pineapple purée followed by crushed ice, white rum, and tonic water. Add more mint leaves or lime slices as garnishing. Enjoy!



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