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Rainbow Mooncakes

These ultra-flaky spiral pastry crusts with wonderful colorful Rainbow Mooncakes are perfect for the mid-autumn festival. Both an eye-candy and delicious rainbow magic festive treat that melts in your mouth with a soft smooth filling. 


Makes 6 Rainbow Mooncakes
Water Dough:
90g all-purpose flour
10g powdered sugar
30g vegetable shortening
32 ml water

Oil Dough:
85g cake flour
25g oil

Food Coloring Powders:
Suncore Foods® Blue Butterfly Pea Powder
Suncore Foods® Midori Jade Matcha Powder
Suncore Foods® Ruby Red Radish Powder

Prepare for Filling:
500g mooncake paste
100g white melon seeds, optional


1. Mix the paste with melon seeds and divide into 70g each, shape into balls. (set aside)

2. For water dough, mix plain flour and shortening until mixture resembles breadcrumbs. Add in water and mix to form a soft and non-sticky dough. (wrap with cling film and chill it for 10 minutes)

3. For oil dough, mix shortening with cake flour to form a soft dough, and add in 4 Suncore Foods® Powders. (divide into 4 colors)

4. Divide the 4 colored dough into 6 equal portions.

5. Take 60g of water dough, flatten, and wrap 25gm of each colored oil dough into the water dough. Pull the sides of the dough to enclose tightly.

6. Use a rolling pin to roll the dough into a long oval shape.

7. Working on the shorter end, slowly roll up tightly into a swiss roll.

8. Roll again into a long thin strip, then roll up again into a swiss roll shape. (rest for 5 minutes)

9. Cut the dough into two pieces, flatten the dough with the cut side facing down.

10. Wrap the filling with the dough and shape it into a ball.

11. Bake the mooncakes in a preheated oven at 160°C for 20-25 mins.

Note: Flour texture might be different, adjust with water if dough is too dry and adjust with flour if dough is too soft.