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Pink Marbled Rice Balls with Sweet Peanut Stuffing and Jasmine-Infused Syrup

These adorable pink and white marbles are Chinese glutinous rice ball dumplings commonly enjoyed as a celebratory treat or a tasty dessert. Tang yuan or "soup balls" are similar to mochi with their addictive chewy and sticky texture. Inside these Pink Marbled Rice Balls are a sweet and savory, crunchy filling of peanuts to alight your tastebuds with exciting textures and flavor. The round shape of tang yuan dumplings symbolizes unity and with the addition of Suncore Foods® Red Beet Powder we see a beautiful marble effect of a lovely pink and white swirling together And now for the "soup" part; we have a beautifully delicate and aromatic syrup infused with Suncore Foods® Jasmine Flowers to bring everything together in an enticing dessert! Now let's bring some smiles with this tasty treat!


Pink Dough:
150 grams glutinous rice flour
130 grams water + 3 tsp Suncore Foods® Red Beet Powder

White Dough:
150 grams glutinous rice flour
130 grams water

150 grams ground peanut
75 grams caster sugar
50 grams peanut oil

1 liter water
1/2 cup Suncore Foods® Jasmine Flowers
3-4 tbsp sugar


1. To Make the Filling — Simply place all ingredients in a food processor; pulse until everything just comes together. Measure out 10-15 grams per ball. Roll them in to circle then cover and place them in the chiller for 30 minutes.

2. To Make the Golden Syrup — Heat up 1 liter water in a saucepan; turn the heat off and place 1/2 cup Suncore Foods® Jasmine Flowers. Cover and let it steep for 30 minutes or more. Remove the flowers; add in sugar. Cook on lower heat until sugar dissolves. Set aside.

3. To Make the Dough — Mix water and flour by hand until everything just comes together. Take a small amount of dough (15-20 grams) slightly flatten it then boil it for around 3 mins. Remove cooked dough and mix it with the remaining dough. Knead the dough until it is very smooth and not sticky.
(Add 1/2 tbsp water or flour to adjust the consistency)

4. Repeat for the pink dough.

5. Measure 25-30 grams per ball, flatten then place the firm peanut filling at the centre; gently wrap and roll it into circle. Repeat for the rest.

6. Boil them in boiling water until they float to the top. Remove and place them in a bowl along with golden syrup. Enjoy!