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Bunny Almond Sponge Cake Donuts

Hop into sweetness with these adorable Bunny Almond Sponge Cake Donuts! The delicate flavor of almond combined with the light & fluffy texture of sponge cake will make these donuts a delightful treat for your taste buds. Add a playful touch with Suncore Foods® Ruby Red Radish and Cerise Prickly Pear Powders for that eye-catching pop of color, making these donuts not only a sweet delight, but also a feast for the eyes! Enjoy these sweet treats and have a hoppy day!


50g almond flour
64g rice flour
2 whole eggs (104g)
52g icing sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 egg whites (80g)
45g superfine sugar
10g melted butter or oil
1-2 tsp Suncore Foods® Ruby Red Radish and Cerise Prickly Pear Powders for the color


1. Combine sifted almond flour, icing sugar and rice flour with whole eggs and vanilla. Whisk till fluffy. Add in melted butter/oil. Divide the batter 1(plain): 7(pink). Add in powders above to obtain the desired pink shade.

2. In another mixing bowl, whisk egg white with superfine sugar till firm peaks. Divide the meringue 1:7 as above. Fold in the meringue to the above batters till well incorporated.

3. Pipe a white patch at the bottom of the donut molds. Fill the remaining space with pink batter. Bake at 140 C for 24 minutes. Pour the remaining pink batter into a 10x5” pan and bake for 16 minutes. Assemble the cute bunnies with ears cut out from pink sheet cake, melted chocolate and flower candy.