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Blueberry Matcha Latte Boba Refresher

Get ready to sip your way to bliss with our Blueberry matcha Latte Boba Fresher! Say hello to a refreshing dance of sweet blueberry syrup and creamy matcha latte, topped with those delightful boba pearls that make every sip an adventure. It's a party in a cup and your taste buds are invited! Deliciously made with Suncore Foods® Midori Jade Matcha Powder. Get your hands on this delightful drink that's as fun to drink as it is delicious.


Serves 3-4

1/2 cup cooked boba (or more)

Blueberry Syrup:
1/4 fresh blueberry
1/2 cup sugar
¾ cup water

Matcha Latte:
4 tsp Suncore Foods® Midori Jade Matcha Powder
1/4 cup hot water
500-600 ml filtered water
Milk of choice


1. Blueberry Syrup — Place blueberry and all other ingredients in a small saucepan. Cook until mixture thickens. Press the berries to the side of the pan to release the juice. Once done, let syrup chill in the fridge.

2. Matcha Latte — Whisk Suncore Foods® Midori Jade Matcha Powder in hot water until fully dissolved. Add water, mix until well combined. Set aside until ready to be used.

3. To Serve — Place cooked boba, crushed ice, blueberry syrup, half cup milk followed by half cup matcha base. Enjoy!